Orasis is a group made by Ioannis Kiaras​ to help people that want to offer a service that would have social profit and not commercial.

Applications, sites or even organisations that focus on the society and how to help people in need are often in a tight spot, regarding their resources.

With Orasis we want to bring people together, people that want to offer their help for a better cause and people that have the vision to create something and don't have the tools.

So do apply and help each other build a better future.


Our Projects

Whispers: parallel world

Whispers is an RPG android mobile game for people with visual impairment. The Natural Language Interactions is achieved through the google voice recognition that understands what the user said and through algorithms the game chooses the desired command.

The game's reply is created as a text which with the help of google's on board text to voice library to make the text into voice and inform the user about the results of their actions and the game progress.

It has an original medieval story, that changes based on your actions and choices, an realistic sound system. No class requirements, a dynamic leveling system that improves the stats of the character based on the way he plays.


BridgeCom is an android application for people with hear impairment and people that don't know the sign language or they are unable to see.

BridgeCom uses Natural Language Interaction to create a bridge between those two. Making voice to text and vice versa.

In that way people with impairments are able to communicate with others without the need of a third person.

We currently support: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and the default language pack of the mobile.


Scread is an android application for people with visual impairment.  It allows the user to listen to text that was scanned via the mobile camera. The user doesn't need to have Braille printed text since the mobile camera scans and reads the text for him/her.

Scread uses image and text recognition to understand the text that is written on any surface. It then reads and speaks the text recognised through Voice To Text technology, so the user can know what is written.

​The user will point the camera of his mobile to the surface, the application scans the whole image in a continuous feed and reads the text out loud when it is found.

We currently support: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish ,Tagalog ,Turkish.